About Us

Welcome to Bulerías Tapas Bar.  Authentic cuisine from Spain Europe.  The word 'Bulerías'  is rooted in the country of Spain and is most commonly used to reference a fast rhythmic form of the Art of Flamenco Dancing.  The Bulerías is tradtionally the finale to a flamenco performance.  As a flamenco performer, performing the Bulerías, AND as a spectator, watching the Bulerías being performed - whether performing or watching - The Bulerías, will demand of  you a fun, energetic, passionate, happy experience.  It is this experience that we at Bulerías Tapas are committed to deliver to every person that walks into our doors.  We want you to feel our fun ambiance, absorb the energy of our staff, taste the passion in our food, and when you have concluded your experience with us for the evening, most of all, we are crazy about wanting to make you happyBulerías Happy!!!:)™©®

Come give us a try, and maybe, by the time you leave, you could be dancing the Bulerías. :)